Sunday, 24 May 2015

Highland Trail Race 2015 - Riders as they pass Glencoe

The Highland Trail Race 550 (HTR 550) racers as they passed the Glencoe ski centre, 23rd May 2015. The photos are in order that the riders passed in. Sorry if I missed anyone!

Josh Ibbett

6 Hot Cross Buns!

Steve Heading

Tom Rowntree

Alan Goldsmith

Philip Fraser-Thomson

Rickie Cotter

Alasdair McLean

Karl Booth

Amanda Brooks

Kristan Rivers

Markus Stitz


  1. A great photographic record of all those happy smiley faces and fresh legs of riders heading out on a great adventure. Me, near the back, not wanting to do something stupid, like crash. I didn't get my arms out again for another week. (Photo 32 - Red / Blue Jersey) I'm pleased to say I finished but did fall off near here on the way back thinking I had cracked it.

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