Monday, 25 May 2015

Highland Trail Race 2015 - Riders as they come down from the Devil's Staircase, 23rd May

These are photos from the first day of the Highland Trail Race 550 2015, of the riders coming down from the Devils Staircase. After taking photos of them passing Glencoe, I jumped in the car and went round to Kinlochleven,  walking up the West Highland Way ready to take photos. I must have had about 20 minutes of walking before the first rider appeared.

I had wished afterwards that I could have got set up higher, and also taken two cameras so I could have taken some video of riders negotiating the rocky top section. Oh well, another year.

Unfortunately, once I got back down and was just about out of Kinlochleven, I spotted a rider at the bus stop. It was Steve Robbins, who hag gone over the bars on the top section, and limped down with an injured hand. I asked him if he needed help, he said a lift to Tyndrum would be great. I reminded him just before we put his bike in my car that once we did that, that was the end of the race for him. He was sure, so in the bike went. We had a good chat on the way back, although he was understandably disappointed, and hurt.

These photos are in the order the riders came down in. Click on em for bigger versions.

Kristan Rivers

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Highland Trail Race 2015 - Riders as they pass Glencoe

The Highland Trail Race 550 (HTR 550) racers as they passed the Glencoe ski centre, 23rd May 2015. The photos are in order that the riders passed in. Sorry if I missed anyone!

Josh Ibbett

6 Hot Cross Buns!

Steve Heading

Tom Rowntree

Alan Goldsmith

Philip Fraser-Thomson

Rickie Cotter

Alasdair McLean

Karl Booth

Amanda Brooks

Kristan Rivers

Markus Stitz