Sunday, 8 January 2012

I managed to put together a video of my Highland summer trip, check it out:

You can see the past blogs with story and photos at the following links: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Coming next, some reflections on the trip, my kit list, and a map...


  1. Inspiring stuff. Enjoyed your account of the stressful crossing of Loch Morar, looked quite choppy in the video.

  2. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it. I didn't really set out to make a video, just played about with the camera and have a lot to learn. Wasn't that happy with the footage when I got back but it seems to tie together ok once edited!

  3. Nik,

    Awesome vid and great write-ups. Its also quite re-assuring to find others experiencing the same feelings and emotions i get, too often the usual superlatives are rolled out when the overriding feelings i get at the time is waves of loneliness and self-doubt. Glad to see its not just me! :0)

    Would love to hear a bit more about your kit and experiences of using it, id love a packraft but just cant imagine where i could use it. Your pictures are amazing too, what camera do you use?


  4. What camera did you use to film?

    1. Hi Liam - I used a Panasonic GH1

    2. Great, I'll look into it. Your blog is fantastic, I'm hoping to plan something like this when I visit Scotland from Aus in a years time. Look forward to reading more

  5. Brilliant blog Nik. Great video and what a beautiful place. We go in September, not long now